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Intuitive Eating Recipe Ebook

To help you feel nourished without obsession
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This Ebook is for you if you want to:​

  • Take the stress out of meal planning

  • Add in gentle nutrition to your Intuitive Eating Journey

  • Make meal time more enjoyable

  • Have delicious and satisfying meals at your fingertips!

What's included:


50+ delicious recipes

A variety of delicious recipes - many can be customized to your liking!


Intuitive Eating Tips & Encouragement

Gentle encouragement and tips to help you on your Intuitive Eating Journey


Helpful Handouts 

These include: how to create a balanced plate, whole grains 101, meal planning made easy & more!


I went through my stages of dieting, disordered eating, and negative self-talk throughout college. In my internship to become a dietitian, I picked up the book Intuitive Eating and realized this was the solution I had been looking for. It changed the way I viewed food and my body for good. Now I teach my clients how to achieve a sense of freedom around food so they have more time to enjoy life and pursue their passions without intrusive food and body thoughts getting in the way.

Jenna Corsi, Registered Dietitian

Let this Ebook be part of your Intuitive Eating Journey!
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