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You deserve a healthy relationship with food & your body!

You may feel like this right now: 

  • Overwhelmed by the abundance of information out there, leaving you unsure of what to actual eat 🥲

  • Thoughts about food consume your mind allllll throughout the day, things like: "I shouldn't eat too many carbs for breakfast." or "I have no idea what I am going to have for dinner." 😅

  • Putting on clothes becomes a dreaded task as it leads to self-criticism 😞

  • Sweets are a constant temptation... causing fear of losing control and bingeing

But imagine this in a year from now...

  • You are embodying so much more confidence in yourself and your lifestyle + habits that are a breeze to maintain 🍃

  • You have 2 packages of cookies, a bag of salty chips and your favorite chocolate sitting in your pantry for weeks 🍪

  • You're spending your time and energy on things that matter: your love life 😉, going out for apps with your girlfriends 👯‍♀️, exploring the world 🌎 and growing in your career 👩🏻‍💻!

Reclaim your life back from food and body obsession!

I know first hand what it feels like to feel the constant worry around food. Sounds crazy coming from a Dietitian, right?

But I was there. Going back into the kitchen 10x to eat more of the leftover cake. Spending my weekends binging on sweets, fried foods and pasta because I told myself I couldn't have it during the week.

It was exhausting.

Thankfully, I realized that the lifestyle I was living did not allow me to enjoy my life and thrive! It held me back in so many ways... so I didn't something about it.

Now, I help you do the same!


Clients say...


"You have been so incredibly supportive and patient! I love how easy it is to contact you, and you've made everything accessible to account for varied lifestyles."​ - Heather

"I don't stress about coffee or lunch outings, and I can say YES to the outing without making it about me and my food insecurities or lack thereof." - Emily

"I started to incorporate fear foods and didn't binge because of the tools you've provided me with." - Malia

"Honestly, I have absolutely no clue how many calories I ate in a single day last week. Not even a guess. And I didn't restrict, not even for a couple of hours!" - Kailyn


Here's the deets...

No more trying and "failing" with me!

1:1 indiviualized coaching

As a Registered Dietitian, I offer personalized support and guidance to address your goals and challenges and give you an action plan so there’s no guess work!

Me in your back pocket

Yes me in your back pocket 😎 In between our sessions, I will be available to support you; whether you’re feeling so freaking stressed about eating pancakes at brunch or you need support on tough body image day. I gotchu!

Digging down to the root

No more surface-level, short term solution non sense! We are digging down to the root, baby! This will promote lasting and meaningful change that you have been hoping for.

The Reclaim Your Health cirriculum

After years of working with individuals, I thoughtfully designed this course to cover all the essential aspects of nutrition + health — empowering you to take control and make sustainable lifestyle changes for a healthier and happier life!

Lauren R.

"It's almost been like working with a therapist I didn't know I needed when it came to food and my relationship with it. Not just food too. You've helped me a lot with my body image and learning to love my body and all the incredible things it has done and will do!

Kimi C.

"I had friend over on Saturday and we ordered pizza! I really allowed myself to enjoy the food around me and ate enough till I was full. I also ate cookies after too! I am so much more comfortable around sweets."

Caroline B.

"I think the best way my life has changes is that I have freed myself from constantly sitting with negativity about my body and contemplating what to eat or feeling guilty for what I ate. Instead, I am in a much better headspace."

Here's everything included:

  • 4 months of coaching (minimum)

  • 90 minute kick off call

  • 2 - 60 minute biweekly calls per month

  • Access to the visual food journaling app via Healthie

  • Messaging support from Jenna M-F

  • Access to the Reclaim Your Health Course

  • Intuitive Eating for Life handouts (25+ handouts)

  • Walk away with a positive + healthy relationship with food & your body

*Once you apply, I will reach out to you to see if it is a good fit for both of us!

So Jenna, what makes this different than everything else that I have tried?!

First of all, this isn’t another diet (hellll nooo!) I’m sure you’re aware of that! This also isn’t a rigid, cookie cutter plan that tells you exactly what to do. 

We will focus on behavior changes that promote healthier choices and long-term success.

Nutrition coaching goes beyond just what you eat. Along with nutrition, we will also dive into how to best support your sleep, stress management, physical activity and mental well-being.

My program empowers you with knowledge and skills to make informed decisions about your health.

My approach is exposure-based, which involves confronting deep rooted beliefs, uncomfortable emotions and fear foods, to help you create a lasting positive and healthy mindset around food & your body.

Program investment:

I do not take insurance at this time but during your free introductory call, we will discuss pricing and payment plans that work for you as I have many options!

I also accept HSA or FSA funds, and if your insurance company covers out-of-network nutrition services, I can help provide a superbill (medical receipt) for you to submit to your insurance company for reimbursement.

  • How long is the program?
    The program is 10 weeks. You would be surprise how much change can happen in a few months with the right support and strategies! After the program, you can continue with ongoing support if you would like.
  • When will the program start?
    The program starts June 12th and will be held at a time most convenient for everyone who joins. After you sign up, you will be asked to fill out what times work best for you!
  • Do you have payment plans available?
    Yes, of course! I want to make this affordable and accessible to everyone. Payment plans are available upon request!
  • I’ve dieted for so long. I’ve failed every time. Will this work for me?
    Yes, it absolutely will. Unlike dieting, you cannot fail at Intuitive Eating and my approach towards nutrition and your health. You are not broken -- dieting has made you feel that way. I will help you connect to that inner wisdom that is inside of you! If you are ready and committed to change, you will see improvements with how you feel, how you take care of yourself and how your mindset shifts. How reassuring is it to know that you cannot fail at this?!
  • I am hesitant about the investment
    That is totally understandable! It takes courage to invest your money into something. Especially when you've had program/plans "fail" you in the past. Supporting my clients is something that I take very seriously! I put my heart, time and energy into supporting them to ensure they feel like their investment is worth-while. Every single client I've had has shared that it was worth their money and time because they saw their life change for the better. This work is life-changing! Ask yourself, what would it mean to you to get your life back after years of dieting, an unhelpful mindset and hating your body?
  • Where do the sessions take place?
    Online via Healthie (a HIPPA compliant platform). So... in the comfort of your own home!
  • Do you guarantee results?
    Here’s what I know - like everything else in life, results come from commitment and time. I know that my past clients who have healed their relationship with food and body have done so because they trusted the process and put in the energy and work to see the transformation. I can guarantee that you will have my support all throughout this process. When things get tricky and challenging, I will be there as your cheerleader, supporter and accountability partner.
  • I have an eating disorder. Will this be a good fit for me?
    Yes! I have worked with individuals who have eating disorders for the past 4 years. I would love to support you as your Outpatient Dietitian. However, if the severity of your eating disorder requires a higher level of care then it would not be appropriate for us to work together. Please reach out to if you do have any questions about this.
  • Will I lose weight?
    Great question! I’m not sure. I don’t know what weight your body feels comfortable at when you have a healthy mindset around food and your body. You may gain weight, lose weight or your weight may stay the same throughout your Intuitive Eating journey. I know that may seem scary but that is something we dive into in the program so you feel supported.
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