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I am so grateful to work with women to help them reclaim their health & happiness.

I've gathered amazing transformations to share with you!

"It (Grace Over Guilt Program) was totally a game changer to change my mindset of one of rigidity and rules to one of freedom and spontaneity. By engaging with Jenna's program, I was really able to open the door to truly appreciating the people and food in front of me. I totally would encourage you to apply!"


"I struggled a lot with viewing foods as good and bad and struggled with balance in my diet. That really helped me -- setting tangible goals that I could achieve with the support around me. This program really helped me to learn to be confident, not only in my body, but also in my food choices. I highly recommend the program!



"My relationship with food is a million times better it feels like. I've learned what foods make me feel better throughout the day. I've learned that all foods, no matter what is it, fits. My body image piece is just so much better. I am wearing clothes that fit. I'm working on my health as a whole, rather than based on the number on the scale, picture on the phone or image on the mirror. I mean, everything has been better! "


"If you're looking for what plan to follow, this isn't it. This helped me create my own custom plan and that's what I think helped it be sustainable. 


I stopped making body image part of my day. It used to consume my day."


"I don’t worry about counting calories or restricting what I am eating through diets. I still pay attention to nutrition and try to be mindful of what I am putting in my body, but I don’t let it control me the way that it once did before. I realize now that restrictive eating and dieting isn’t the only way to be healthy and lose weight."


"I am so much happier with food. I don’t feel the need to skip events because the food might be unhealthy. I don’t feel stress at work with all the snacks. I have so much more trust in myself. You were always there to talk me out of some ridiculous bad body image freak out and always had the best advice. I totally came into this thinking I was always going to hate my body but you completely changed my view."


"My relationship with food has improved immensely! I’ve tried a ton of different diets, superfoods, meal planning programs, calorie tracking programs, “lifestyle changes,” etc. etc. but nothing worked for me. They either gave me unrealistic hope or messed with my head to the point of anxiety. NOW, I’ve learned to naturally gravitate towards nutritious options, be kinder to myself, listen to my body, and focus on how I feel vs. how I look."




My clients have experienced everything that you are going through. They chose to take action to see their lives transform for the better! I know you desire that too.


I am here to show you that it is possible to enjoy food without guilt and live a life full of grace and freedom.


I would be honored to walk alongside you on your health & wellness journey. Let's do this!

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