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A 12-week coaching program for women who are ready to stop dieting, feel confident in their bodies, and find food freedom!


The Grace Over Guilt Program will provide you with the strategies and mindset shifts, through Intuitive Eating, to help you create a healthy relationship around food & your body. If you're so over dieting and having negative thoughts towards your body, then let's create some positive, lasting changes together!

Erin P.

“I just had to tell you how much you've impacted me and my overall mental health! It literally makes me cry when I think about where I was just months ago and where I'm at now."

Debbie J.

"I am have a healthy relationship with food now. I'm not feeling all this guilt and shame around food!
You also are articulate, bright and know your stuffYour clients feel you care and that they are equals with you, as human being."

Jessica D.

"After the Grace Over Guilt Program, I view food as how it's going to taste and feel vs what the scale will be on Monday mornings. I have a much better relationship with food!"

I was feeling how you’re feeling not too long ago…

  • You’ve tried SO many diets and it makes you feel like a failure every time

  • You binge on the weekends because you try to eat very healthy during the week 

  • You spend countless minutes and hours thinking about food and your body

  • You get hesitant to go to restaurants or social events because you will feel insecure about your food choices and body

  • You pick apart your body and have very negative self-talk

This is what life could look like instead…

  • You no longer feel the need to diet and have regular patterns of eating

  • You don’t binge anymore because you no longer restrict throughout the week

  • You don’t think about food 24/7 and have more time in the day

  • You feel confident going to restaurants and social events because you worked through all those fears or limiting beliefs

  • You have more self-compassion and acceptance for your body


I went through my stages of dieting, disordered eating and negative self-talk throughout college. In my internship to become a dietitian, I picked up the book Intuitive Eating and realized this was the solution I had been looking for. It changed the way I viewed food and my body for good. Now I teach my clients how to achieve a sense of freedom around food so they have more time to enjoy life and pursue their passions without intrusive food and body thoughts getting in the way.


Jenna Corsi, Registered Dietitian

My program is for you if…

  • You want to find balance with your eating patterns

  • You want to simplify your nutrition to help you feel your best

  • You want to tune inwards and listen to your body’s cues and not external influences

  • You have struggled with figuring out Intuitive Eating on your own

  • You want to find self-acceptance and compassion towards your body

My program is not for you if…

  • You want a quick fix with a meal plan or diet to solve your eating issues

  • You want to lose weight

  • You’re not ready to keep an open mind to learn about an approach to eating that doesn’t involve food tracking, measuring, guilt, or shame

  • You have an active eating disorder (1:1 coaching available)


20+ Lessons about Intuitive Eating (Value: $2500).

See the module breakdown below for more information.

Weekly group coaching calls + check-in (Value: $1500)

This is where you come to the group with all your wins, frustrations, and questions.

Interactive Workbook (Value: $300)

You will receive different journal prompts and activities to help you along your journey.

Private Slack Support Channel (Value: $500)

An intimate group to help you feel supported and encouraged. Also, a place where you can privately message me any questions that pop up!

Unlimited access to Healthie Food Journal (Value: $500)

An app where you can mindfully log your food, hunger, fullness, mood, and thoughts.

Bonus Lessons with Brittany Williams, Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist (Value: $400)

2 bonuses include: Emotions & Transitions and Emotional Intelligence

TOTAL VALUE = $6,400

And you get all of this for less than ¼ of that total value price!


Diet Mentality & Set Point Theory

Do you have lingering diet rules and thought? Here you will learn how to reject the diet mentality, understand set point theory and your inner critic so that you feel empowered to never go back to dieting again.


The Fear Of Not Dieting & Your Inner Critic

I know it probably feels scary not doing back to dieting, it was a sense of control, comfort and safe space for you in some ways. We’ll unpack how you can overcome that fear and recognize that inner critic voice that is holding you back.


Honor your Hunger & Respect your Fullness

You will learn a simple strategy on how to create a balanced, nourishing plate so that you gain more clarity with your food choices.


Foods that Keep you Full & What is Food Guilt & Shame

You will learn why you feel guilty after eating and how you can remove all the food guilt from your life.


Unconditional Permission to Eat & Stop “Shoulding” Yourself

Scared to include foods you told yourself you couldn’t have? You’ll learn tips to help you normalize those foods so you can enjoy them without stress!


Give yourself Grace & Inner Food Voices

You will learn how to be compassionate towards yourself and learn that you are the expert on your body.


How To Cope With Feelings Without Using Food

Do you eat when you’re feeling sad or mad? This one is for you. You will learn strategies to help you express those emotions in a healthy way without using food as your primary coping mechanism.


Discover The Satisfaction Factor

You will find satisfaction with your meals so that you will feel nourished and content after you finish eating.


Be Gentle To Your Body

Is your mind circling with negative thoughts towards your body? Here you will learn how to find more self-acceptance and compassion towards your body so that you can feel comfortable in any situation.


Joyful Movement

Your body was meant to move in a way you will enjoy. You will explore options and strategies to help you feel your best without feeling the need to change your body!


Gentle Nutrition and Anti-Diet Label Reading

Here is where we tie it all together with more nutrition knowledge so that you can feel confident moving forward when you make your decisions around food.


Enjoy Cooking Again & Intuitive Eating IRL

You will explore cooking again in a brand new way that doesn’t include rules, restrictions or strict measurements!


unnamed (1).jpg

“I have become more comfortable around food and I am truly enjoying it. I no longer feel guilty when I have some ice cream or a cookie! I also stopped weighing myself and stopped restricting my food to lose weight.”



“I am more compassionate towards myself. I am enjoying foods and exploring them again without guilt. I have become a food investigator of sorts. I definitely feel like I have a more normalized approach to food just I am learning and listening to my body more. ”


Caroline B.JPG

"I am so thankful I joined the Grace Over Guilt program when I did! I’d been reading and trying to practice Intuitive Eating on my own, but it just didn’t click. Jenna’s program was a great way to receive guidance as I broke away from dieting and learned to listen to my own body!"


unnamed (2).jpg


You deserve to start your food freedom journey today. I look forward to connecting with you!


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