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We will work together through an Intuitive Eating and Health At Every Size approach to help you create a healthy and happy relationship with food & your body.


You are at a friend's party. You are present in your conversations while sipping on your favorite drink. You look at the table of food with excitement instead of saying “I can’t have that or this”. You are free to have whichever foods you desire at that moment. Both nutritious and delicious foods. You eat the foods you were eyeing and thoroughly enjoyed them without guilt, shame, or overeating. You find so much joy being with your friends. You walk away from the party thinking about the good times with your friends. You feel GREAT!

This may seem too far fetched in our diet focused society but it is something that you can work towards & achieve. With all the diets out there, you may feel like you have to keep eliminating and cutting foods out of your life. Let’s focus on what you can add to your life, new behaviors that promote health, and the way we think about food and our bodies. 


  • Ditch the diet mentality – break free from diet rules

  • Focus on changing behaviors and habits rather than the number on the scale

  • Become more in tune with your hunger and fullness cues

  • Learn how to improve your self-compassion and self-awareness

  • Eat foods you truly enjoy without guilt, shame, or regret

  • Choose foods that make you feel great and promote health

  • Understand how to incorporate balance into your meals

  • Not count calories or portion out foods (well only if you’re cooking a recipe)

  • Spend time doing activities you actually enjoy – yes, there is joy in movement

  • Make more time to think about things other than food

Then my coaching is for you!




For those who would like more individualized support or who have an eating disorder.

You can choose to stay in the place you are in or you can reach out and get the support you need so you can start to fully enjoy your life!

*Note: I do not take insurance at this time but I do accept HSA plans.


Reclaim Your Health 

Online course

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