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What Does Anti-Diet Mean?

You may have seen the anti-diet message being spread throughout our social media platforms but what is it exactly?

First, I will say that anti-diet is not anti-health. That’s a common misconception. It is about health but not in the way that you have been told for years and years. There are lots of positive benefits to intuitive eating and health indicators. 1 Dieting has lead people feeling more frustrated, stressed and left them in poorer health. We know that most people gain the weight back (and then some) when they diet. Dieting is very harmful for your overall well-being.

Anti-diet means you are not eating based on rules, restrictions or numbers. You say no to all the diet culture BS that has been circulating your mind for years. You let go of those external cues around food and begin to tune inwards. You don’t have to burn off or earn foods. You focus on how foods make you feel. You begin to make peace with all foods. You listen to what your body is telling you and you learn how you can respect and honor your body through self care practices and gentle nutrition.

Intuitive eating is a pivotal part of the anti-diet message. There are 10 different principles to Intuitive Eating. You can find more information about it here. The core of Intuitive eating is satisfaction. When dieting, you may find that you are not fully satisfied while eating. Whether that is the stress around mealtime or those diet-y foods don’t cut it. Satisfaction with your food is extremely important to include and it won’t keep you from wanting more and more.

With an anti-diet approach, you will focus on your behaviors and habits. 2 Healthy habits and behaviors contribute positively to your overall well-being for the long term. What does that look like then? Eating a variety of foods, managing stress, practicing self-care, moving your body without tracking and counting, getting adequate sleep etc. Health is not a number on the scale. Health stems from the habits and behaviors we continue to do throughout our lives.

If you are really tired of the cycle of dieting, check out my Grace over Guilt program here to help you feel no more guilt while eating. You deserve a life that is full of grace and freedom!

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